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Planetary Life Forms Around a Neutron Star (Pulsar)

Many astronomers and scientists currently believe life would be impossible around a pulsar. A pulsar would bathe the surface of a planet in massive amounts of radiation constantly, like clockwork. Like a heart beat. Watch the video below.

I don’t think we should assume all life in the universe is made of the same “fragile” components as we are. And it’s possible that life does not have to be self contained. A pulsar could serve the function of a “heart” to silicon based life forms on the surface. It could distribute nutrients (energy) deep into an organism. Especially if that organism was semi transparent to the radiation. Pulsars are constant and regular for millions of years. The energy they produce could easily be relied upon by organisms over the course of an evolutionary period.

If this concept sounds strange to you, think about how much we rely on our sun. If the sun were to stop shining, plants would die, the food chain would be in shambles and we would most likely perish from starvation. If we did not freeze to death first. We too have an unbreakable umbilical cord to our star. At least for the time being.

Neutrino Streams of Consciousness

Every second of every day we are all being bathed in Neutrinos. These subatomic particles are vastly smaller than atoms. They fall from the sky through us and come up as they pass through the earth around us. It’s like an ocean that permeates all matter.

Like the code in the Matrix, neutrinos permeate everything

Like the code in the Matrix, neutrinos permeate everything

Everything is connected by the ebb and flow of neutrino streams

Everything is connected by the ebb and flow of neutrino currents

One may be able to use the neutrino bath in which we find ourselves as a medium to transmit information. Would the speed of light limitation apply to information transmitted through a neutrino medium? We know microscopic, maybe subatomic wormholes are a theoretical possibility. Distant points in the universe could communicate instantaneously using some combination of subatomic wormholes and the neutrino medium.

If this instantaneous information sharing is happening naturally on a vast scale at trillions upon trillions of points in the universe, for billions of years, might a consciousness have arisen from it? …like a reverse brain, the universe is what it “thinks” and constructs itself accordingly.


Dogs Playing Matchmaker

Dog’s have a sense of smell approximately 10,000 – 100,000 times more sensitive than ours. A recent episode of NOVA went in to detail about just how acute these canine molecular detectors can be. Dogs are now helping to detect cancer as well.

Superior smell, but ok vision

Superior smell, but ok vision

This all makes sense when you look at things on a molecular scale. In some ways, our bodies are like the car you take to the emission inspection. The health of your body, like your car’s engine, can be assessed by it’s emissions. When it comes to reproduction, “health”, can be a relative term. Certain individuals mate more healthily with some, than with others. Human pheromones are said to communicate this information between prospective lovers.

It stands to reason, if a dog can smell illnesses like cancer, it can smell human pheromones. Given the right training, it may be possible to ask a dog to sniff out your best reproductive partner from a crowd. Of course ideal genetic compatibility probably does not ensure emotional compatibility…but who knows..maybe it does.

Norton Anti Virus for Humans

Have you ever noticed how your computer gets slower over time? Those of you with Macs are probably less likely to know what I am talking about. But you Windows users who frequently surf the web understand.

The internet and our computers have become complex ecosystems of viruses and programs interacting in ways that we cannot predict. Your computer accumulates viruses or other malware by virtue of simply doing day to day activities. Over time these accumulated bits of interacting code (malware and programs) start to slow down your computer. Like an aging mind. What if the aging process is a result of a biological equivalent of the over accumulation of “programs” and “malware”?

Over the course of our evolution, our DNA and our Microbiomes may have accumulated opportunistic life-like processes (some life forms too) that cause us to age. I don’t want to limit it to life forms as we know it because there are some biological processes and interactions that are somewhat life-like, but not exactly alive.

Human Microbiome

Human Microbiome

Unlike a computer, our operating system is not so easily hacked. Hence, it takes generations for other life processes to cozy up to a larger organism like us and integrate. The end result is the same. A gradual overload/decline of/in the system. Maybe we can develop some sort of a biological “Norton Antivirus” that goes in and removes the harmful life processes that cause us to age.