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A Cure for Male Infidelity

An invention we may see in the future. There’s a new pill that promises to help struggling couples with the natural wondering eye that males seem to possess. It causes selective amnesia in the brain that causes a man to temporarily forget certain aspects of his current partner. In other words, it allows him to see her as a “new woman” for the first time when it comes to sex.

The current challenge

Most of us have heard of the “7 Year Itch”. Other than being a funny Marilyn Monroe movie, it’s also a well documented phenomenon.

Scene from “The Seven Year Itch”

Often times around 7 years of being in a monogamous relationship men crave variety and newness in their sexual relationship. In many instances this can happen well before the 7 year mark. Some couples try role play in order to overcome this need for newness. But this solution has it’s limitations. Instead, scientists have found a way to bypass the brains natural tendency to be less stimulated by the same input over time.

How does it work?

First the patient must undergo an MRI scan to calculate the regions of the brain responsible for the exact memory engrams around their partner.

An MRI scan of the brain

Once the paths are identified, their personalized pill is created to inhibit the firing patterns associated with the sexual memory of their partner. The men still remember their partner, their identity and other information. However, they don’t remember their sexual past and that “all important” first time having sex. When greeted by their partners, it’s as if they were presented with a new sexual opportunity with a female friend, now turned friend-with-benefits. The effect lasts approximately 2 hours.