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Elephants Look in A Mirror But Humans do so Through a Looking Glass

Only a hand full of species can recognize themselves in a mirror. Humans and elephants are a part of this exclusive club. The video below is fascinating.

It’s always interesting to see how we clever humans test the mental capacity of other animals. Recognizing ones self in the mirror is a complex process in the brain. It requires skills such as self awareness and deductive reasoning to name a few. Showing an animal it’s reflection in the mirror is an excellent way to test it for these skills of intelligence.

How might a superior intelligence test humans? Alternate universes and realities are a common theme in the musings of human kind via fiction. Physicists theorize that alternate universes and realities can and do exist. This is known as the Many-Worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics. What if advanced beings are able to tap in to this phenomenon?

Reality as Reflection of the Mind

Reality as Reflection of the Mind

Instead of holding a mirror in front of us, they might “hold a reality” in front of us. And instead of testing individuals for a few minutes, they test our entire species over the course of our evolution.

At it’s heart, this is not a radical or new concept. The idea of Karma is loosely related: “causality where intent and actions of an individual influence the future of that individual.” – Wikipedia.¬† In this case, the phenomenon of Karma, would be an artificial law of nature put in place just for us…an ongoing, interactive puzzle we need to solve and master.

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What if Galaxies are Artificial Constructs?

I was recently reading about the Kardashev Scale. It’s a method of measuring a civilizations level of technological advancement. “A Type I civilization uses all available resources impinging on its home planet, Type II harnesses all the energy of its star (See Dyson Sphere), and Type III of its galaxy.” So let’s assume there have been Type III civilizations that have existed at some point within the billions of years the universe has been around. These civilizations would have the ability to move stars and interstellar matter on a scale we can barely comprehend.

On a recent episode of Through the Wormhole, physicist Michio Kaku, postulated that a wormhole could be created by arranging stars in to a tight orbit around each other. A wormhole could be a gateway in to another universe, a way for a species to escape our universe. Because ultimately our universe will come to an end. This eventuality represents a challenge to a long-lived, advanced species. In much the same way, our species faces the relatively short term challenge of relocating our entire population from this planet.  Our sun will destroy the earth in a few billion years, if not sooner.

Astronomers have found evidence of stars orbiting blackholes in the center of galaxies. See diagram below.


What if the billions of galaxies we see represent the constructs of billions of species who have reached Type III status?

Wormhole Factories?

Could galaxies be constructed wormhole factories?

Galaxies could be wormhole factories in the making, escape routes for advanced species. Our species, so far, could be the equivalent of microscopic mold growing on a damp floor, in a small room within a massive car factory; An incidental development in the grand scheme of things.

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Planetary Life Forms Around a Neutron Star (Pulsar)

Many astronomers and scientists currently believe life would be impossible around a pulsar. A pulsar would bathe the surface of a planet in massive amounts of radiation constantly, like clockwork. Like a heart beat. Watch the video below.

I don’t think we should assume all life in the universe is made of the same “fragile” components as we are. And it’s possible that life does not have to be self contained. A pulsar could serve the function of a “heart” to silicon based life forms on the surface. It could distribute nutrients (energy) deep into an organism. Especially if that organism was semi transparent to the radiation. Pulsars are constant and regular for millions of years. The energy they produce could easily be relied upon by organisms over the course of an evolutionary period.

If this concept sounds strange to you, think about how much we rely on our sun. If the sun were to stop shining, plants would die, the food chain would be in shambles and we would most likely perish from starvation. If we did not freeze to death first. We too have an unbreakable umbilical cord to our star. At least for the time being.

Neutrino Streams of Consciousness

Every second of every day we are all being bathed in Neutrinos. These subatomic particles are vastly smaller than atoms. They fall from the sky through us and come up as they pass through the earth around us. It’s like an ocean that permeates all matter.

Like the code in the Matrix, neutrinos permeate everything

Like the code in the Matrix, neutrinos permeate everything

Everything is connected by the ebb and flow of neutrino streams

Everything is connected by the ebb and flow of neutrino currents

One may be able to use the neutrino bath in which we find ourselves as a medium to transmit information. Would the speed of light limitation apply to information transmitted through a neutrino medium? We know microscopic, maybe subatomic wormholes are a theoretical possibility. Distant points in the universe could communicate instantaneously using some combination of subatomic wormholes and the neutrino medium.

If this instantaneous information sharing is happening naturally on a vast scale at trillions upon trillions of points in the universe, for billions of years, might a consciousness have arisen from it? …like a reverse brain, the universe is what it “thinks” and constructs itself accordingly.


First Contact: Everyone, Everywhere, Simultaneously

Hollywood loves alien invasion movies. Usually there are ships with aliens inside. These ships come down in to our atmosphere and fire weapons that look like ours, except “on steroids”.

Lazers on Steroids

Lazers on Steroids

And there are exchanges between the human army and the alien army…it looks similar to war as we know it. That’s great for entertainment value. However, an alien invasion would probably come to us in ways we can hardly imagine. I’ll try anyway.

Matrix-Borg Style: If an advanced civilization wanted to incapacitate us without killing us, this is a great option. They would simply “replace”, at the biological level, our perceived reality with one of their choosing. It would happen instantly to everyone, all at once.

Direct biological interface to their technology

Direct biological interface to their technology

Their technology would allow them to work with vast numbers of organisms simultaneously, transporting them somewhere and connecting them biologically to their technology.

The Dishonorable Route: Advanced societies may be capable of matter/energy transport. It would be a simple matter for them to transport a vital organ out of all of our bodies all at once from orbit. We would probably never see them coming. Or they could simply transport all of us in to orbit and let us burn up during re entry.

A Kind Whisper: Technological advancements could lead to something similar to mental telepathy. Advanced visitors from another world may be able to tap directly into our minds from orbit. If they had good intentions, a visitation may be very pleasant indeed.

They'll make us feel even better than this

They’ll make us feel even better than this

Knowing the biology of our species and how to control the emotional aspects of our brains, a well-intentioned alien would make us feel very good about first contact. It might be a kind voice (accompanied by endorphins) that appears in all of our minds, telling us who they are. At the same time, they could share certain experiences and their intentions. This would occur in the brain of every human on the planet simultaneously. The result of this mind communication/manipulation being; an instant warmth towards, and acceptance of, these new visitors.

It is very doubtful that a visit from an advanced society would lead to any kind of drawn out conflict. It is more likely that anything they wanted to have happen, would happen quickly and without warning. One day we could all be going about our business and then an hour later a worldwide, hopefully positive, transformation has taken place…human’s next leap, rapidly and unexpectedly.