Do Soul Particles Exist?

I was recently emailing a friend and she presented a fascinating two part question to me. She asked;

A) “Do soul particles exist? Kinda like undetected dark matter. Might explain why folks feel spiritual/religious connections not yet “proven” by science and..”

B) “Assuming there are invisible soul particles, isn’t it conceivable that they’d be recycled. So someone’s soul may consist of a combination of prior souls. A soul that’s part Martin Luther King, Amelia Earhart and part homeless Indian man. Or even better: Martin Luther King, Amelia Earhart and wise African elephant.”

Soul Particles

Soul Particles

When I read the question, my imagination started running with the idea….here is what I speculated.

Yes there are soul particles. They linger about in clusters. Sort of like dust storms. Like dust storms, each individual dust particle is in close proximity to the other. That’s the definition of a “storm/cloud”…a bunch of particles blowing around close to each other. One of the differences between a conventional dust cloud and a soul particle cloud is the dimension in which they are close. Dust clouds work in 3 dimensions. The way we know things in every day life. The soul particle clouds work in a 4th dimension. Or some sort of an equivalent. For example, one particle could be in China and another in Norway. They are far apart in 3 dimensional space. But in 4 dimensional space they could be side by side.

Soul particles are generated by, and also attracted to, the quantum effects in neural tissues. Quantum effects in the neural tissue are the result of electrical activity in the brain. The electrical activity and it’s patterns are determined by the experience of the person and the way their biology reacts to that experience.

There are probably “funky” type effects too. For example, soul clouds might attract other soul clouds which include clusters of other people. Like how certain types of people tend to get along with other similar types of people. And “converse” relationships like that between victim and predator may exist as well. They seem to find each other too, over and over again.

People can move in and out of soul particle clouds by changing their thinking. That thinking changes the electrical impulses in the brain. Those electrical impulses have quantum effects on the neural tissue. The soul particles interact with those quantum effects. Maybe the quantum effects can also have effects on the thinking. There are probably larger clouds and smaller clouds. Some are easier to move into or out of than others. They can overlap.

And somehow, these soul particles tend to have an influence on events that are not directly connected to human influence. Like weather, luck, environment and the time period in which you are born. And maybe seemingly random experiences like the types of information people happen to find themselves exposed to (for example you walk through a book store and a book catches your eye and changes your life). Funky.

18 thoughts on “Do Soul Particles Exist?

    1. Giovanni

      Elliot I encourage you to read the book entitled “The Terminal Experiment”. I was thinking about the same thing when because I remembered this book. Basically, it’s a concept where people can now see soul particles leaving from the body that’s been a proof for the existence of souls. It’s a very good book I’m sure you’ll love it and it’s really related to these soul particles.

  1. 57spotty

    fascinating! like an existential self-help book in outer space seamlessly connected to our souls!
    next question, how can we use this to our advantage to create productive members of society and weed out the baddies?

  2. Kelly Johnson

    I’m Agnostic, which to be clear is someone who believes in an omnipotent entity or presence, but not man made religions. I’ve always believed a “spirit” is actually a non corporeal residual made up of our intelligence when our bodies die. Collectively this mass of intelligence is recycled through future generations. This recycling results in an increase in knowledge and experience with each successive generation. Thus our collective intelligence increases generation after generation, explaining the advancements in technology mankind has accomplished… IMHO.

  3. Jim Saunders

    This is a great article. The existence of a soul particle, of what it’s properties could be, and what it could or could not do strikes me as being just as feasible as any religious based belief. More so in fact.

  4. Rick Nobleman

    I’m not sure what to think about the soul particle. It’s an interesting theory for sure, but what interests me is the mention of a soul particle, or anything within a fourth dimension being outside our three dimensional understanding. I’m thinking that not only could a fourth dimensional soul particle, or molecule for that matter, be far apart to 3 dimension perception, while close together or even bonded in a fourth dimension, but they could actually occupy the same space yet separate because they exist simultaneously in multiple dimensions.

  5. Boughner

    If they are in other dimensions then didn’t you just justify yourself that they can’t be in the same space with that scenario of multiple dimensions Rick Nobleman? Soul particles is an interesting subject because it can give proof to those ghost stories that we always here. I find them highly related.

  6. Jasmine2015

    This is an interesting post. I’ve never even heard of soul particles before reading this. Could soul particles be manipulated at will?

  7. thecorinthian

    There was a line in the movie Jupiter Ascending that said, “When the exact same genes appear in the exact same order that is what we call reincarnation.” which reminded me so much about your description of soul particles and how it affects us biologically but also able to change weather patterns, space matter and the fate of entire planets. Sure that film had questionable content but that’s the glory of science fiction– the idea that certain existential truths can be a reality. The soul of nations, the particles of a deer, the magnificent Grand Canyon all are connected. Amazing.

  8. joshc428

    If we find that a soul particle exists, it’d actually make me quite uncomfortable and maybe even a bit sad. This would imply that my emotions, my experiences, my relationships, nearly everything that makes me “me” would be dictated by merely the physical processes of particles interacting. Imagine if you discovered that someone was controlling all of your emotions, and you had no say in the matter. It has a very Truman show-esque feel. Can everything truly be explained by physical processes?

  9. richj8am30

    The soul particle reminds me so much of the magnetism that is reported to be in the blood. It seems that by controlling some thought forms can result in change in our brain frequency . The people who were able to influence their own magnetism through their thoughts were also able to attract those of similar magnetism. I do not know if this is exactly the same thing but i do think that they may have some correspondence to each other. I think that the fact that this magnetism is no longer traceable in the blood after death just might indicate that this is soul we are talking about or some aspect of one. I honestly believe that we are not only able to attract other people, but we can also attract situations and maybe even objects from other realities different from our current one.

  10. paultraining

    That was an interesting thought you expressed. I agree we could be connected to others along a higher dimensional plane and are affected by this plane to. It would be hard to see since our senses are limited. But it is possible to detect these dimensions probably; dolphins have the ability to track the location of an object by sound. This is an example of higher dimensional consciousness. The capacity is there.

  11. oportosanto

    Ah, dark matter… I think there is no question that dark matter exists, but calling that soul particles is a different question I believe.

    The universe is something fascinating and no question that dark matter is one of it’s bigger mysteries.

  12. rz3300

    Well this immediately made me think of one of my favorite books of all time – City Of God by E.L. Doctorow. It is full of questions like your friend asked you at the beginning of the article, and it is also full of interesting answers that really make you scratch your head, but at the same time agree with. One particular excerpt that I remember ends with the question of what if the stars are just the souls of the dead? Of course this is less scientific, but along the same lines. Thanks for sharing.

  13. deanyd_17

    And can we harvest them for energy??? (Going full Final Fantasy 7 on this one.)

    I don’t imagine that there is anything of the sort. I do believe in the soul, but more as a… huh. I don’t actually know how to describe it. Something that is non-physical, though not non-existent. Not terribly scientific, I know, but I feel (again, not terribly scientific) that there are things beyond our ability to understand quantitatively.

  14. captaintoastedwaffle

    This reminds me of that medical experiment from years ago. They weighed a man as he died, and discovered that his weight decreased by a fractional amount (I can’t remember the exact number) after he had died, leading the scientists to explain it away as the soul leaving the body, thus giving the soul a solid number. However, this of course was later dis-proven. I am not against the idea of a soul, but I believe in it as less of a physical entity and more of a mental thing.

  15. bigman

    I wonder why despite all of the discoveries that man has made, this basic question of whether souls exist hasn’t been studied in depth. Aside from some religious books and writings, really there isn’t an extensive study conducted on the presence of souls and what composes it.

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