Do the Clouds Show Signs of Impending Climate Change?

The weather on our planet is extremely complex. However with the help of super computers, meteorologists and climatologists are learning more and more every day about how our weather system works.

We now have satellites in stationary orbit that watch our planet constantly. These satellites record vasts amount of data and transmit it back to organizations like the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Even with super computers, there are limitations on the amount of data that can be processed. Over time and with the advent of quantum computers, these data processing limitations will disappear. However, I believe the eventual road block will be a lack of long term data.

Imagine having global cloud formation data not just from the past 20-50 years, but from the past million+ years. It could be as simple as a million+ year video of earth from space.


Now play it in fast forward or use an algorithm to search for patterns in cloud movements/formations leading up to major climate changes. Is there a pattern?

Who knows, maybe one day our descendants will look back and wonder why some of us could doubt climate change when the signs were written above us in the clouds for all to see.


18 thoughts on “Do the Clouds Show Signs of Impending Climate Change?

  1. S.B.

    i think the NOAA should share their info with the meteorologists on the news, those guys never get it right, not even for tomorrow! on a serious note, i think that scientists today are getting better and better at leaving evidence alone when they know they don’t have the proper equipment to study it. they know in the near future equipment will be even better and smarter and faster and more gentle. i think keeping the satellites up there and running is the best thing to do so that at some point there will actually be enuf data and we will have enuf advancements in technology that we can actually make some decent predictions about our planet, and i don’t mean just about the weather, lol!

  2. Richard P.

    This planet has gone through numerous climactic cycles, from ice ages to periods of global warming. As well the atmosphere has gone from a much lower oxygen and higher carbon dioxide content in the air, to periods of far higher oxygen and lower carbon dioxide. I’m sure the cloud formations during these periods would have formed in readable patterns, so I imagine they could be read like a graph to predict what the climate will be like in the future as well. It’s a great idea that is hopefully studied and developed before the future becomes the present, and it’s too late.

    1. Boughner

      You really think so? We’ve been reading patterns for about 60 years only. And back then, our satellites and telescopes cannot really seem to make a reliable information where we can base the clouds and climate changes reaction whether it’s a sign of an impending doom or not. These sorts of things can really make drastic changes that would be hard to tell for anybody unless we have a long date of it’s behavior which is what we’re doing right now.

  3. Katheleen

    I think I like your idea SB about the news and stuffs from NOAA ha ha. I get the idea of our descendants wondering why we’re not able to tell what’s with the climate changes but I still hope I get to that era when we can read what the date our satellites will gather from the clouds. It will be like a great mystery being solved.

  4. Justin Gibson

    I’m not a conspiracy theorist. However, the majority of people are so stupid that former President George W. Bush thought he could sell global warming as being caused by cows farting, and not the burning of fossil fuels. So even if the data to track and analyse weather patterns did/does exist, no way would access be made available if it confirmed we’re causing global warming by using fossil fuels… which of course it would.

  5. kitkat8673

    Cloud formation seems like an accurate measure of climate change. Because clouds produce weather. There is a climate change going on. No, doubt about it. Even as an average human being with older parents their statements of “The weather never used to be like this.” Or, the amount of intense heat waves happening. Yes, climate changes have happened in the past. But, if we do not switch to green energy resources perhaps by the time of 2050, this could be the climate change that ends human life.

  6. Liv6

    As we advance in technology, cloud patterns will undoubtedly be more apparent to scientists as they accrue meteorological data. At this point in the world, scientists are already able to predict seismic catastrophes and other potential disasters. Why not clouds, too? However, unless scientists can go back in time, it will take possibly centuries to have the capability to accurately decipher future weather conditions based on past cloud formations.

  7. edustadar001

    There is a climate change for sure! But we don’t need a technology to know that. You can see it definitively. The question is how to bring high developed countries (with a high population) like the USA, Great Brittan or Japan to understanding that they are the biggest problems! They always argument that we all should look at China and India who have the highest population but they are producing only a very low percentage of CO¬≤ emissions of the USA. Western countries are putting the blame on some other countries just to cover their own mistakes.

  8. Sparkster

    Common sense tells you that climate change is real. Since the industrial revolution we have spewed out half a trillion tons of carbon dioxide. We’re polluting the atmosphere more than we ever have done in human history and at the same time we’re poisoning the oceans, cutting down the forests, etc. The problem with the clouds is all the geoengineering that is happening, most notably stratospheric particle injection (i.e. chemtrails). Many people think it’s just a conspiracy theory but it’s been officially acknowledged by the United Nations, the Council on Foreign Relations and many universities. The clouds have changed visibly significantly over the last few years and people are not stupid, they can see it clearly and blatantly with their own eyes. The geoengineers say it’s to protect from solar radiation and to eliminate carbon dioxide but isn’t that counterproductive? The sun in the UK has been blocked out by silver iodide clouds throughout the entire summer this year. They keep saying there are going to be heatwaves but they never come. The weather has been disastrous, just loads of aerial spraying and constant cloud cover.

  9. spaceboytaylor

    I have no doubt that even in 20 years people will look back and realize that we are stupid for ever ignoring the scientists insisting that climate change exists. As for the cloud idea, it sounds pretty cool and makes a whole lot of sense. We always are finding new ways at discovering that are hiding in plain sight and wish we thought of before.

  10. KCDavis

    I’m not sure what to think about clouds being the answer to whether or not there has been climate change. We all can see that there is climate change. Really I think its just a cycle that the earth goes through in order to keep everything in good order. Like thunder storms. But I believe that this article is correct in the way that it will take many, many years yet of gathering information before we find that cycle.

  11. SirJoe

    We still will have to wait for those computers to come onto the scene. Unfortunately they still don’t keep track of the different types of clouds there are, normally the only information we get is that it is overcast or clear.

    1. oportosanto

      I guess it takes a considerable amount of time not only to conceive software and hardware to analyze the information, but also to process all that data and reach conclusions. Many times science is made of hit and miss situations.

  12. luddist93

    More like clouds TOO.

    I mean there are so many signs of climate change that yes, we can talk about the clouds too, but we most focus the biggest picture here.
    Algorithms are nice and computers examining clouds, but maybe they should examine the ice cap, because it does show the bad side of climate change.

  13. Sparkster

    As luddist93 pointed out above, it’s not just clouds – they are only one indication of climate change and on that note, since I last commented on this post, I’ve been keeping a close eye on the skies (as I always do) and the clouds have become increasingly peculiar. It wasn’t until 2015 that I started seeing rainbow coloured clouds in the sky for the first time in my life on this Earth, and I’ve been here for 38 years! Then there’s also all the erratic weather which is hitting the globe (polar vortexes, etc). Then there’s also the rise is earthquakes, psunamis, etc – although I do believe that a lot of these things are very much caused by a geomagnetic reversal (magnetic pole shift) which we are currently experiencing.

  14. oportosanto

    Not only the clouds I believe, but the winds and all other variables that allow us these days to predict the weather accurately and more important, to predict natural disasters and save lives and property. These are some of the advantages of living in these modern days.

  15. bigman

    I think in due time we will know and confirm if clouds can forecast impending climate change. It would be a good alternative to other means of measuring or predicting looming climate change just because of the sheer availability of clouds in various locations. Yes, I agree that long term data could be a hindrance. But hopefully we can determine with finality if this is indeed a good source of information.

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