First Contact: Everyone, Everywhere, Simultaneously

Hollywood loves alien invasion movies. Usually there are ships with aliens inside. These ships come down in to our atmosphere and fire weapons that look like ours, except “on steroids”.

Lazers on Steroids

Lazers on Steroids

And there are exchanges between the human army and the alien army…it looks similar to war as we know it. That’s great for entertainment value. However, an alien invasion would probably come to us in ways we can hardly imagine. I’ll try anyway.

Matrix-Borg Style: If an advanced civilization wanted to incapacitate us without killing us, this is a great option. They would simply “replace”, at the biological level, our perceived reality with one of their choosing. It would happen instantly to everyone, all at once.

Direct biological interface to their technology

Direct biological interface to their technology

Their technology would allow them to work with vast numbers of organisms simultaneously, transporting them somewhere and connecting them biologically to their technology.

The Dishonorable Route: Advanced societies may be capable of matter/energy transport. It would be a simple matter for them to transport a vital organ out of all of our bodies all at once from orbit. We would probably never see them coming. Or they could simply transport all of us in to orbit and let us burn up during re entry.

A Kind Whisper: Technological advancements could lead to something similar to mental telepathy. Advanced visitors from another world may be able to tap directly into our minds from orbit. If they had good intentions, a visitation may be very pleasant indeed.

They'll make us feel even better than this

They’ll make us feel even better than this

Knowing the biology of our species and how to control the emotional aspects of our brains, a well-intentioned alien would make us feel very good about first contact. It might be a kind voice (accompanied by endorphins) that appears in all of our minds, telling us who they are. At the same time, they could share certain experiences and their intentions. This would occur in the brain of every human on the planet simultaneously. The result of this mind communication/manipulation being; an instant warmth towards, and acceptance of, these new visitors.

It is very doubtful that a visit from an advanced society would lead to any kind of drawn out conflict. It is more likely that anything they wanted to have happen, would happen quickly and without warning. One day we could all be going about our business and then an hour later a worldwide, hopefully positive, transformation has taken place…human’s next leap, rapidly and unexpectedly.

51 thoughts on “First Contact: Everyone, Everywhere, Simultaneously

  1. George Wilson

    Interesting ideas. Personally I think if aliens are observing us, the way we treat each other is going to make them very fearful of us. So any idea of coexistence would be out of the question in their opinion, leaving only annihilation of our species. If they managed to get here from another solar system or galaxy their technology is more advanced than ours, so we’d probably never see it coming.

    1. richj8am30

      The zoo theory conjectures that much. It is not that far fetched when you really take it into consideration. I sometimes think that correspondence with extraterrestrials is similar to the idea that we have guardian angels or beings of a higher nature than our own watching over us.

  2. Alysha Schumann

    Wow, sounds like you’re theorizing about the return of the Nephilim. Make sense though that if beings from the stars come, or return if they’ve already been here, that they could spread the same benevolence or mayhem everywhere on the planet all at once.

    1. richj8am30

      I don’t think that I buy that Nibiru stuff as much as the next man. Weren’t we supposed be face to face with this impending doom in the year 2012? If that is the case then are the aliens a form of fallen angels? i think that is a very strange approach as to what is going on with that theory. Maybe we shouldn’t be looking for extraterrestrials but extra dimensional beings

  3. Allison

    I’m not so sure there aren’t alien beings here already doing just what you’re suggesting, in the negative sense. A vanguard is messing with out minds to turn us complacent while wars are started and things like HARP, Chemtrails, GMO, etc. are being used to slowly exterminate us through mass poisoning. And we’re so brainwashed to believe what Kim Kardashian ate for lunch, or which new brand of handbag we buy is important so we do nothing. Why bother risking an invasion that may fail when you can simply kill off a planet’s inhabitants by controlling their minds, making them do to themselves what will lead to their own extinction.

    1. richj8am30

      There have seen instances where I have heard that there are alien races that are in control of certain banks and things of that nature. What if they are the ones in charge of population control and the whole time we are blaming such heinous acts on a few men. Now that i think of it, a few men devising all of these schemes seems highly unlikely especially since destroying your fellow man or no reason just makes no sense.

  4. Jackson aka Jack

    My addition to “The Dishonorable Route”. If an alien species is advanced enough for interstellar travel and navigation across the vastness of space, it’s a safe bet all of their technology is far more advanced than ours. I figure if that’s the case, they’d be able to hover above the planet and emit sonic or electronic pulses that would simply stop the hearts or shut down the brains of all life forms on Earth. Doing so there would be no destruction of flora, structures, etc. so the planet would be ready to repopulate with whatever beings and other life forms the conquerors choose.

    1. richj8am30

      I think that the aliens that are closest might be even more underdeveloped than we are to some extent. I wonder what it would be like to come across an uncivilized alien one that was indigenous and barbaric on its own planet.
      That is not so bad an idea I think that it is much better to think bout than one that is so beyond us technologically that we are no match for them. When you consider how Europe has treated indigenous people I doubt that if we meet a race that is superior to our own that they will deal kindly with us. Man has been so very cruel to one another especially when they have had a technological advantage to the next man. If we come upon a race with a history of war, we might not survive their attacks.

  5. S. Riemer

    I love alien invasion movies, but strictly as action filled entertainment. I believe if ever an alien species wanted to inhabit Earth there would be no contact, so no dialogue about peaceful coexistence. In fact, we’d probably know nothing of their intentions, receive no warning, nothing. It would be like the BBC documentary about Earth after people in that one moment we would be here, the next every human on the planet, and maybe every mammal would be gone, vaporized, transported to another dimension or something.

  6. Kelly

    We’re not alone in the universe, and anyone who thinks we are probably believes the world is flat and the sun revolves around it. So, we’re either being observed by other inhabitants of the universe, have already had contact and maybe they weren’t impressed and left, or we’re still to make first contact, or reconnect. It’s all going to come down to what impression we make on them if it’s first contact, or how impressed they’ll be with our advancement if they’ve already been here in the past. I fear that if they arrived tomorrow, generations from now there will be stories of fire and brimstone raining down from the heavens during a time of earthquakes and floods. This cleansed the earth of the sinful so that man could redeem himself… Oh what, that already happened! I hope the aliens prescribe to the “3 strikes and you’re out rule”, rather than the “there’s no second chance to make a good first impression” rule.

    1. richj8am30

      If Aliens are as intelligent as we are saying that they are then There would be no need to declare war. They would probably use some weird method to getting rid of us that we have never even heard of. They would presumably utilize some peculiar strategy unbeknownst to mankind. At least that is my opinion.

  7. Kyle

    If there’s an alien race so advanced that they could travel the galaxy like it was their backyard, then I don’t think they’ll pay much attention to lowly beings such as the humans. If they do anything it’d be like us setting ants on fire when we are kids. They would not feel much compassion towards us, because to them we’re nothing more than ants. But realistically speaking I don’t think they care much for a civilization that’s still heavily dependent on fossil fuel to get anything of significance done. In the grand scheme of the universe, we’re really not that big of a deal.

    1. richj8am30

      Unless it is in fact true that they created us out of a need for help to do the mining of certain resources for them as the Sumerian texts suggests.
      What about the Elohim? Some of these advanced beings that are constantly spoken about can bare some semblance to what is referred to the Elohim of the Bible. That would explain why we are being watched in the first place by higher beings, maybe these beings are higher in morality and judgement and are waiting for us to achieve this which is why they have not come down and orchestrated a hit on mankind as of yet because they probably created us and can benefit from our evolution

  8. Gladys Avery

    I really like to think about if we do meet aliens how it will go down. I think on some channel all month was Alien month, lots of good shows.

  9. Robert

    I really do hope that we are visited and maybe a more advanced species can help us find our way and fix some of the problems we face here on earth.

  10. Laura Willis

    A super advanced species coming here is going to be extremely good or extremely bad. I’m an optimist so I hope good things would come of it.

  11. Jean Freeman

    Great in depth read as far as how first contact may be. Too many people are quick to think of your invasion style in big motherships and don’t consider other alternatives.

  12. Ann

    what an amazing article! and here we are with our little ‘tablet’ with the naked man and some math on it, geez 🙁 (do we even use that anymore? lol)

  13. Sarah J.

    If they’re coming I wish it would happen soon. Whether here to do good or for evil, business as usual on this planet isn’t working so we need a serious shake up.

  14. Heather

    i think if beings from another planet showed up, we’d be doing whatever they wanted. they would obviously be much more advanced than us if they could get here, so if they wanted us dead, we’d be dead; if they wanted us enslaved, we’d be enslaved; if they wanted to meet us and hang out (which would probably not be the case) , i’m sure they’d be horrified at the way we are and how we treat each other and our planet, and then they’d probably kill us or leave as fast as they could and put a beacon out telling others not to visit the planet full of jerks who poison their own world.

    1. richj8am30

      I believe that The United States has made concurrences with tall Grays, and has concurred that we not to meddle with outsider operational arrangements in exchange for innovation. It may just be abductions are regulated to a privilege these beings already have, in exchange we sample otherworldly technology.

  15. Richard Ellis

    Everywhere, all at once will probably be the way it will go. A single rock hitting the Earth by chance wiped out the dinosaurs around the world. So an advanced lifeform wanting to either enslave us or rid this planet of all major lifeforms should have no problem. If here to improve our existence though, it may take time to accomplish. We are a distrustful species and fearful of anything different. So if we did not attack and kill alien visitors on sight, it would take a lot for a level of trust to develop that would be enough for us to accept anything. In fact, I believe they have already tried to do just that thousands of years ago, were denied and left.

    1. richj8am30

      I don’t feel that there is a requirement for us to fear anything that needs to stay covered up and perform their practices in so undercover a way. Regardless of the fact that they are the unexpected hand behind our innovation we mustn’t fear whatever needs to conceal, they are demonstrating to us that they have a shortcoming that is not very difficult to make sense of.

      I feel that perhaps on the off chance that we are in organization together with any of these outsiders it must be a direct result of the way that we should attempt to neutralize another race. The shrewd thing to do for the situation that somebody is too effective for us to handle all alone would be for us to adjust ourselves to a race that is additionally capable and will give us a portion of the innovation we require with the goal that we don’t get to be destroyed from the substance of the earth.

  16. leah k

    what if they were more like The Observers from the tv show Fringe? (i know those guys weren’t aliens, they were humans from the very distant future) they just hang out and live among us and watch everything and no one really knows they are there or what they are doing, they just keep to themselves and do their own thing. they could be here right now and we’d never know!

    1. richj8am30

      It sounds strange but I think that this could be the case, when we are dealing with the Pleiadians who are consistently looking for the methods for the light and discovering approaches to fulfill the statures of rising to wind up one’s consciousness potential.

  17. Chris

    I read this article/post and enjoyed it very much. Personally though, I believe aliens already inhabit Earth. These alien lifeforms were left here to preserve the DNA of a dying species. But unfortunately WE are genetically predisposed to destroy our environment, and therefore kill ourselves off when populations reach an unsustainable level, just like lemmings do.

    1. richj8am30

      Michael Tellinger has been proposing together artifacts of the human progress in paleo-history. He has been demonstrating that civic establishments a long ways past in advancement have been a probability. There has been a spark plug encased in a 500,000-year-old geode rock that is causing consideration of the situation of a civilization before ours half a million years back. The name of this encased spark plug is called the Coso Artifact. I think that discoveries like these demonstrate the purpose of past civilized establishments. Perhaps we have been here before doing the same thing again and again, unless our ancestors are another race and their DNA running through ours brings about the same inventiveness.

  18. Jimmy Milne

    I figure if a species of being is capable of getting to Earth from another solar system or galaxy and they don’t like us we are going to be in deep doo doo.

  19. Richard Allan

    I subscribe to the theory alien life is all that is on this planet, and has been since day one. All life derived from the building blocks of life that arrived from the far reaches of the universe and with each mass extinction caused by a meteor strike new life, different from what was previously here evolves because new DNA is added to what remained of the previous life forms. I guess you could say I believe both those subscribing to Darwinian and Creationist theories have it wrong.

    1. richj8am30

      Dr Ellis Silver suggests that maybe earth can not provide our species’ many advantages with regards to developing ourselves. Possibly that is the reason we are stuck in the present state that we are in with no current trace of evolution.
      There is no way that Humankind is the most exceedingly created intellectual species here yet he is not well prepared for Earth’s surroundings. I’ve perused that we may experience the ill effects of many conditions. When you look at the fact that we undergo terrible spinal bone fractures due to the possibility that we have developed our race on a world with lower gravity than that of our green Earth. This is a sort of clarifying as to why there is no missing links’ remains to connect our own archaeological fossils in the paradigm.

  20. Jasmine2015

    I’m not sure how I would react to meeting aliens for the first time. All I could do is hope that it will be a positive encounter. Not only do I imagine what aliens might do to us but also what would we do to aliens? Would we try putting them in zoos? Would we try dissecting them in some secret lab like in movies? That is what I would like to know.

    1. richj8am30

      I’ve heard of an account of a friend whose family worked in the higher ups of military service and the claim to have seen a UFO while they were on a plane headed somewhere. They say that it looked like a medium sized pyramid just hovering in the sky. All of a sudden it started turning color until it was bright white light and vanished. I mean they did not officially meet the beings inside but this is the closest I’ve ever heard of anyone coming to being in contact with an extraterrestrial.

    2. anorexorcist

      I know, right? I think that we spend too much time thinking that they might hurt or even use us, but what if it’s the opposite? As humans, we always are trying to take the most that we can to everything. And I don’t really see why people wouldn’t try to study them or even torture them to get information out of them… That’s also an scary thought, huh?

  21. Sparkster

    I don’t think you realize how close you are to the truth with this post. What you suggested also reminds me very much of the Project Bluebeam conspiracy theory – a hoaxed alien invasion using holographic and psychotronic technology to influence people’s beliefs. The goal – to create a one-world socialist totalitarian government, a one-world global digital currency and a one-world religion to replace all others with the aliens sat at the top. If this sounds outlandish, consider that John Dewey suggested this idea back in 1917 and former President, Ronald Reagan used the words as though they were his own in as many as five different speeches, one of them in front of the United Nations. Bill (Milton) Cooper also mentioned these plans, as did Werner Von Braun who claimed to have discovered such plans within NASA when working on the Apollo missions.

    1. richj8am30

      I’m sure there is a report on every person on the web Overflowing with information. GOOGLE stores mass information and might even perhaps utilize this in this venture that the are approached by whatever Govt. corporation aspires to launch project blue beam. I cringe at the thought of all that data used specifically to make individual holographic pictures which will be Hoaxed revelations: Expected to do with stowing ceaselessly verbal, and visual insights only available to that individual’s psyche.

  22. spaceboytaylor

    You know, I haven’t really thought much about these ideas. I guess I’ve been watching too many movie to think that if a species was going to reveal themselves only to start fighting, they already formulated a plan that would take us out immediately. Real scary stuff.

    1. richj8am30

      True but what if it is not all alien beings. Allegedly, Nikola Tesla might have concocted the principal of the flying saucer, before 1900. Supposedly the American government upheld Nazi Germany’s predicament to take the innovation from Tesla called the “Foo-Fighter.”Which is where Dave Grohl gets the name for his rockband of course. When you look at these things prospectively from that point of view, if a UFO fires on us, it may very well possibly be another inside job.

      1. Sparkster

        True. It could very well be an inside job, although personally I do think that they would probably use real alien technology to do it and I do believe they already have alien technology (check out The Day After Roswell by Colonel Corso and all the military and government witness testimony that has come to light). I believe that Nikola Tesla was in contact with higher sources and I also believe the same applies to Wilhelm Reich. They either got their information from higher sources or they got their hands on alien technology, which is spiritual in nature.

  23. The Saturn Embassy

    Excellent theories. Have you ever experienced Deja-vu? Maybe that experience is instigated in a way that you have in mind. Like a reset button somewhere was pushed for someone for some reason. And if that experience was felt by others at the same time, whether all in the same room or thousands of miles away, all in different locales, maybe there’s an unseen reason for that “group reset” as well.

    1. Sparkster

      Now you’ve touched upon something very relevant to me personally. I have learned how to “zone in” on my deja vu and by doing so, over the last couple of years, I have managed to develop precognition which always turns out to be highly accurate. Psychologists attempt to explain away deja vu as misperception but I have learned from direct first-hand experience that there’s a lot more to it than it seems. Since experimenting with these kinds of things, my psychic awareness has opened right up and I’ve ended up tuning into a spiritual world which I never ever believed existed before and I’ve tested in scientifically again and again and again – it’s real. Whenever you get deja vu, listen to it – it’s a sign of synchronicity happening in your life. For more information on that, check out Jungian (and/or transpersonal) psychology.

  24. oraclemay

    I do agree that first contact will be everywhere at once. They will come, there will be a visitation, we just don’t know when. However, I do agree that there are aliens already living on earth. i do believe that they have been here for centuries and perhaps generations. They are not that noticeable because their form is similar to ours. Not what we would expect, but then it never is. Only someone naive would think we are alone.

    1. richj8am30

      Without a doubt, a few of us would be more than prepared to shoot at these beings, however the dominant part of individuals would respond in various ways, that would contrarily impact our opportunity to keep away from having them retaliate in striking back.

      It won’t be some kind of contemplated, representative of mankind methodology like the movies propose. no less than one of the changeless individuals from our national Security corporations will endeavor an autonomous contact with these beings. Concerning what happens after a large number of first contact stories are out there. I consider most them are unreasonably hopeful about how sanely people, enterprises, and governments think they will act towards the UFOS.

  25. sheebah7

    I believe there has already been a first contact but…hey what do I know? Well first off I think the government tells their secrets through movies. I have a feeling E.T. was not a coincidence…and now that the world wide web has gotten to be so widespread and informative…information can only be held for so long. This is a very interesting debate and discussion amongst my peers and I. Clearly some other form of life has visited us..hey we might even be the aliens…it is all a mystery.

  26. Sparkster

    What I’ve learned recently is that there are indeed ET entities co-existing with us right here right now. I didn’t believe it at first but I myself have learned how to make contact and I can confirm that they do not seem to be beings from another planet, but they seem to be from another dimension or plane (etheric/astral). They are higher dimensional/vibrational beings – by raising your vibration/consciousness, you can actually manifest or “summon” them at will – as shown by Steven Greer’s CE5 protocols (check out his videos). I took the information on board and decided to give it a try by projecting my consciousness out into the universe and lo and behold, I was shocked to my core when two “light vehicles” manifested out of thin air and came hurtling towards me! I used to think that alien contact and abduction was a myth and that it could be explained but I’ve discovered for myself that isn’t the case at all. They are very real and all of us have the power to communicate with them. I’ve actually done this numerous times now and it’s a beautiful, positive and enlightening experience. The French MoD have also released a document which confirms that they did exactly the same with success after the idea was proposed to them by Greer. The Russian military have also claimed that they’ve been “summoning” ET craft for over 30 years!

  27. oportosanto

    Curious that aliens are mentioned so many times in fiction, but no one in reality dared to mention in or talk openly about it. The fact is that aliens do exist and the only reason why this debate is not made in a public way is because there are too many interests involved.

  28. anorexorcist

    I have never thought about alien invasion on this way… I have always this Hollywoodie concept of spaceships descending from the sky and the green buddies talking to us, maybe leading to a conflict, maybe domination, who knows. But your idea makes more sense, imagine the psychological impact that this invasion can have in the human race? If they are superior to us, they need to have a more sutil and smart way to approach to us. But it’s still quite scary the idea of a being from other world trying to make us feel better.

  29. Lamb0

    Your ideas are pretty interesting. For me, the third one is the scariest. It gave me goosebumps just thinking about the possibility of aliens giving “kind whispers” to people. It made me think that what if the people who claimed and believed that religious beings talked to them and instructed them to do this and that were actually being controlled or communicated with by aliens? What if the reported religious apparitions were actually alien sightings? It’s really a curious idea.

  30. rz3300

    Well that is a little unnerving when you say that aliens will just automatically know everything about us and how to mess with us emotionally. I know that how you put it in the article was much more scientific and well stated, but that is how it gets translated in my mind, for better or for worse. I guess, in that sense then, there is really nothing we can, because they will always be one step ahead. Thanks for sharing.

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