Jeff Bezos Using His Cell Phone to Host

Could Jeff Bezos one day host his entire site on a cell phone that he could carry with him?

quatum phone2

Or imagine having the entire internet stored on your phone and being able to search it as quickly as Google does. Keep in mind Google has 1000s of servers (computers) that do this processing. Are any of these “outlandish” scenarios even remotely possible?

When quantum computing (or an equivalent) becomes reality, the answer will be a resounding “Yes”. Of course we will need breakthroughs in bandwidth technology in order to transmit these vast amounts of data. Those breakthroughs may happen sooner than we think.

26 thoughts on “Jeff Bezos Using His Cell Phone to Host

  1. Scott

    i used to live in a big city, but had to move. now, i live in the middle of no-where and can barely download even the smallest files, i’m ready for some serious breakthroughs in bandwidth, availability, and computing technology in general.

  2. Kevin Small

    This fits with what Eric Schmidt replied when he was asked where he saw Google in 20 to 30 years. The enter Internet will be accessible to each and every person because it will be stored in the atmosphere/ozone. Thus there will be no bandwidth issues, nor storage restrictions. Of course he said Google will be accessed by a chip implanted directly into the brain. Not sure about that, but everything else seems doable.

  3. Lederman

    I don’t that we can have that quantum technology because we already have super computers like the Titan. But to use quantum computing at a very small device like that cellphone is definitely something I look forward to. And you’re right Kevin about the chip in our Brain. With no bandwidth issues involved, I wonder if I can store all knowledge I can acquire into my chip and access it whenever I need to.

  4. Flinchum

    I remember reading that article in here too about the chips being implanted on our brains. I still can’t figure out how will it be free though. I can’t understand how anyone would be able to install such things in our atmosphere. Not to mention the possibility of invading one’s privacy through that kind of technology.

  5. Maggie

    I couldn’t believe I was actually reading it the other day, but there’s already a company out there that claims to have harnessed the power of quantum computing. They were already taking clients and they said they couldn’t make it widely available to the public, but that they could apply the technology to specific industries. Who knows far the technology has come in reality, but it’s exciting that companies are already talking about taking clients. We still have a long way to go before we can have the whole internet on our cell phones, but it’s true those days are not too far from the present.

    1. richj8am30

      I think that D-wave might be one of the companies that claim to have harnessed quantum computation through the development of qubits. According to its representatives, qubits can assume the methods of storing information by being eligible to be both the sum of 1 or 0 simultaneously. This will lead to a faster and more powerful internet, accessible from virtually anywhere.

  6. Ken C.

    I don’t think it’s a question of if and entire Amazon store can be hosted on a cell phone. It is only a matter of when. Quantum computing is the next logical development for computing and is already being developed. For all I know it may already be developed, but is still in a test phase. It’s wouldn’t surprise me if it was!

  7. egads

    Would be great if you could store vast amounts of data on a portable device without the need for a data connection of any kind. With more advanced batteries and solar power we could have ‘off grid’ internet. Could bring knowledge to people in really remote areas a lot easier and not worry about infrastructure costs. You would just need to connect to a hub periodically to update your internet or maybe get a new one mailed to you.

  8. Jasmine2015

    Quantum computers will be the way for sure. I like looking at how we continue to cross the barriers and make technology more useful no matter where you are.

  9. Liv6

    This sounds like a minor alteration in technology to me, made simply by a change of coding. I’m really surprised that this has not yet occurred, though it seems like a device for such a specific function would be quite costly. I think this is an advancement that we can definitely be expecting in a short number of years.

  10. appdata

    It’s nearly impossible to predict the advances made in technology. In the past 50 years, computers have evolved from room sized machines to tiny smartphones in our pockets that have thousands, or millions of times more processing power. It’s definitely a possibility that maybe all the data in the world could be stored on a device the size of a smartphone in the next few years.

  11. turtledove

    This looks like a really good piece of technology, and what I like about it is that unlike a lot of technology which is advancing, this doesn’t sound like a major intrusion in personal privacy. I think this could be very useful, and could be incredibly useful to people living in more remote areas where it’s harder to access the Internet.

  12. protoboard

    Maybe we’ll have to wait for quantum computing for something like that being posible but right now it really amazes me the power our cellphones have. Today we have cellphones that have far more raw power than a computer from just a couple years ago and all just miniaturizing transistors.

  13. joshc428

    Seeing as how today’s cell phones are more powerful than the computers used to engineer the moon landing, I don’t see a reason to doubt such developments. We are truly living in the technological revolution. I cannot wait to see how far we advance in just a few years.

    1. oportosanto

      The main issue with cell phones today is the lack of battery power because they have so much technology that the battery consumption is insane. Once this problem is solved we can have literally the world in our hands.

  14. Coolbutlame

    Sign me up for quantum computing. I’ve really been wanting to turn my smartphone into my main computer solely for the convenience. Not only that, but I feel like we’ve made amazing strides into that territory. I can buy tickets online to an event and scan a barcode straight from my smartphone. How cool is that? Soon, we’ll be able to make art on our phones and share it in an instant without any bars on limits of our tools. That’s the future I want.

  15. richj8am30

    That is astounding, when you truly think about it. Have you heard about Project Loon, where expands that are set higher than any air activity will be utilized as a part of request to help the individuals who are experiencing calamity to have the capacity to get back online so they can associate with whatever is left of the world after a natural disaster? I imagine that these ideas are superbly useful and ought to most likely be actualized immediately.

  16. Novelangel

    I think that cell phones are just naturally more limited that their larger counterparts. They don’t have a ten finger keyboard, for one thing. It’s difficult to write an article, an email, a blog, a forum post or reply, or even a post-it note from your cell phone. This is why when people text each other, they seldom spell out full words, it’s just faster and easier to abbreviate. So, could someone actually host a website entirely from a phone? Sure, as long as that phone is attached to a keyboard, a mouse, a large monitor… and… heck, might as well just do it from your desktop PC.

  17. oportosanto

    To be honest I have never fully realized the meaning of quantum, so thank you for that wikipedia link. It’s hard to believe that we could have all that in our cell phone, but at the speed technology is progressing I wouldn’t see that as something strange.

  18. rz3300

    Well this is pretty crazy to think about, but then again I cannot really say that I am surprised in any way. This is incredible, and to even think that this is the direction we are headed is really something. Just hearing terms like quantum computing gets my interest up and I start to get excited at the possibilities. I will probably have to get better at using my fingertips for typing though, but that is certainly doable. Thanks for sharing.

  19. deanyd_17

    Downloading the whole internet would be incredible. Hosting an entire business on your phone… while convenient, wouldn’t this make the business vulnerable to… theft? It feels weird and unusual thinking about the possibility that someone could walk away with a whole corporation quite literally in their pocket. Pickpocketing could become the most lucrative criminal career in history.

    (I’m sure there’s laws protecting such a thing, but it hurts my brain to even consider this.)

    1. Wheezybz

      There would no doubt be security measures in place for this. Password encryption, security questions, bio metric data and the like would be a necessity for this.

  20. bigman

    We are probably a lot closer to achieving ultimate mobility. The challenge with bandwidth of course is that in order to gain higher capacity, we as consumers will have to shell out a lot more. And so the call for a breakthrough in bandwidth technology that takes into account the financial side of the matter is very timely.

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