Neutrino Streams of Consciousness

Every second of every day we are all being bathed in Neutrinos. These subatomic particles are vastly smaller than atoms. They fall from the sky through us and come up as they pass through the earth around us. It’s like an ocean that permeates all matter.

Like the code in the Matrix, neutrinos permeate everything

Like the code in the Matrix, neutrinos permeate everything

Everything is connected by the ebb and flow of neutrino streams

Everything is connected by the ebb and flow of neutrino currents

One may be able to use the neutrino bath in which we find ourselves as a medium to transmit information. Would the speed of light limitation apply to information transmitted through a neutrino medium? We know microscopic, maybe subatomic wormholes are a theoretical possibility. Distant points in the universe could communicate instantaneously using some combination of subatomic wormholes and the neutrino medium.

If this instantaneous information sharing is happening naturally on a vast scale at trillions upon trillions of points in the universe, for billions of years, might a consciousness have arisen from it? …like a reverse brain, the universe is what it “thinks” and constructs itself accordingly.


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  1. Daniel James

    Transmission of data that in some way uses neutrinos as the medium to transmit seems theoretically possible, However, the level of encryption needed to protect data transmitted so would likely make it impractical.

    If I understand the concept correctly data would be embedded in, or imprinted upon neutrinos that then stored it forever (or as long as a neutrino remains viable) so it can be retrieved. If the data were sensitive it would be out there, literally everywhere, for anyone to access. It would need serious encryption, probably multiple levels to keep it safe from anyone but a party with the encryption code needed to decode the data. Sounds scary to me, but on the upside data storage and transmission issues would disappear.

  2. Wally K.

    With the advancements we have seen in the last 50 years, it will probably only be 100 years before exploration of space beyond our solar system, even our galaxy, will reset all of the boundaries in travel and communication we currently struggle to breach. So it is possible we will be communicating instantaneously using a combination of subatomic wormholes and a neutrino medium.

  3. leigh k

    this reminds me of an episode of Extraordinary People. there was a boy who was blinded by cancer at age 2 and grew up to use echolocation to get around, sort of like the way a bat can. even tho he was blind, he could ‘see’ things sort of like the image above with the people in the hallway, the boy was roller blading and playing basketball, it was amazing!

    1. juanperez1990

      It’s been a while since you posted this, but your comment caught my attention and I’m dying to watch that video. If you or anyone reading this knows about this episode and where I can watch it I’ll appreciate it a lot.

      1. Sparkster

        I believe the boy’s name is Lucas Murray. He would be about 13 years old now. He rides a bike and uses Echolocation, or Flash Sonar, to make his way around. He plays basketball and goes rock-climbing by using the techniques. There is a short news article about him on the BBC News website.

  4. Jake Burk

    I’m betting this is something for the very far off future, but so far off we, humans, may not be what we are today. We may have evolved to the point where we communicate telepathically, so do not need methods of communications that have physical form. On the other hand, we could as easily revert back to a more primitive state and will be lost.

    1. anorexorcist

      You have a really interesting point over here, communication seems to be extremely important to us nowadays, and it has always been like that… I wonder if one day communicating telepathically would be possible, and with all the technology that we’re up to see, it actually seems to be a possibility now.

  5. Jasmine2015

    This is such an interesting post. I’m not sure how the speed of light would effect anything, let alone a way to test to see if that is true.

  6. thecorinthian

    Hmmm, maybe we are bathed in the body of neutrinos? Maybe, like small organelles of a cell we are individual yet a part of a whole and the neutrinos are like the dark matter that embodies space-time, it’s like the substance that surrounds the cell so that information can flow freely. Great article man! I’m loving your blog.

  7. Sparkster

    I first learned about neutrinos and what was referred to as “the neutrino universe” after watching an interview with Boyd Bushman, the senior research engineer of Lockheed Skunk Works. The interview was in a documentary called From Here To Andromeda and Bushman was blowing the whistle on UFOs and interstellar travel. We already know that UFOs are directly related to consciousness and it seems that neutrinos could be the key to cracking the mystery.

  8. paultraining

    I suppose so since thought and intelligence are probably less intangible than we think it to be. Intelligence is in a way what we observe to be rational behavior. If someone picks up a suitcase full of money they find on the street that is intelligence. Paying your taxes or agreeing to go back to a hot girl’s place is intelligent. Thought is basically connecting things together, but those things are actually real. The things we connect in thought are real and don’t come from nowhere. Things we think of that we have never seen probably do exist somewhere or at least can exist.

    In this way thought probably did give birth to the universe.

    Also there are intelligences and thoughts we probably can’t imagine. For example animals behave in ways we cant understand yet the behaviors show intelligence because they serve some need that we don’t have and are not aware that they have. And there is always a technological development or idea that one might say “I would have never thought of that”.

  9. anorexorcist

    It’s an strange thing to think about that neutrinos are always there… I wonder if there will be one day were we create the technology that it takes in order to us to be able to see them, I think that seeing our world as it is would completely change our perspective about, well… Almost everything.
    That day might be the begging of a new era.

  10. rz3300

    Well this is a little deeper than I am used to thinking on a Saturday morning, but I love it. It is very interesting to think about, and whenever you talk of trillions of trillions of data points and streams consciousness, you usually have my attention, despite the face that I may not understand it all. These neutrinos seem to hold a lot of potential here, and that is exciting. Thanks for sharing.

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