Follow Up Post on Clouds Showing Climate Change

Back in February 2013, one of the first posts I made was in regards to clouds showing signs of climate change.

At that time there was no proof and I was hoping that the process might take centuries to unfold. However, a recent study published in Nature verified that, in fact, the clouds are now showing signs of climate change.


The image above shows change in observed and simulated cloud amount and albedo between the 1980s and 2000s.

21 thoughts on “Follow Up Post on Clouds Showing Climate Change

  1. Sparkster

    I’m very opinionated when it comes to the erratic weather that has been happening worldwide. I have done a lot of research into climate change and geoengineering and I wholeheartedly believe that a magnetic pole-shift is happening and is responsible for a lot of it. I don’t want to delve too much into the conspiracy side of things but there are publicly available government and military documents which prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that governments around the world have been using quite extreme weather modification techniques since at least the 1960’s. It’s a scientific fact that you cannot affect one part of any system without affecting the rest of that system in some way. There is always a chain reaction. I also firmly believe that stratospheric particle injection is being used in the atmosphere above many countries.

    1. oportosanto

      We can call it erratic and it’s correct, but the causes are quite clear. Let’s take for instance the El NiƱo phenomenon that causes so much problems, that was caused by nuclear testing at the bottom of the ocean that is causing the water temperature to rise causing all those hurricanes.

    2. SFOMH88

      While undoubtedly human activity on Earth may influence the weather, like the incident oportosanto mentioned, I believe that climate change overall is a natural phenomenon and it has been ever since Earth existed. I’m curious to see your sources on the claim that the government has been modifying the weather since the 60’s.

      1. TakKovacs

        Well, we know China has systems in place to manipulate the weather, as they have been fairly open about it (weird when the communists are open about things). What makes you think that our government or any other with the means (Russians, British, Germans, etc.) wouldn’t be?

    3. Kavon

      I had once watched a documentary about Nikola Tesla. Among many of the weapons he thought of, one of them was a weapon that used the energy in the Ionosphere to destroy targets on the ground. It’s perhaps so that many of the weather altering devices that governments are allegedly using (especially the US Government), were built on the ideas of Tesla. But many of these claims do seem like conspiracy theories.

  2. oportosanto

    There are many researches that say that climate change is something that doesn’t exist, but for me is rather obvious that those researches are funded by the companies contributing the most to those changes. It’s about time that we put a stop to everything that is contributing for messing up the world…

  3. abonnen

    I believe that climate change has have evidence showing its real for a long time, just by feeling and looking at the weather. Some people thing that global warming or climate change does not exist, and many people do believe in it. I think we should just take better care of our planet regardless before some really bad climate related happens.

  4. oportosanto

    There is no question about that @abonnen, that is why it’s so shocking to see some of the big countries (including the US) denying that reality exclusively due to economic interests. We are destroying our world and we should be more concerned in healing it and to make sure life quality if here for our descendants.

  5. SirJoe

    I’m actually surprised they only proved that now. We have been pumping so much pollution into the sky it was unavoidable that it would affect the clouds. Unfortunately we have only been tracking clouds for a short time so it’s difficult to predict what the end near and far future will hold for us.

    1. oportosanto

      OK, so eventually I misunderstood the article or what you are saying here SirJoe. You mean that the cloud tracking has as goal to understand the effect of pollution on clouds? Actually I though that it was something more broad to predict weather and other natural catastrophes.

  6. anorexorcist

    This is a topic that I have a real dilemma about, a lot of people are saying that climate change isn’t real, that it’s just global warming… but images and articles like this one really make me think twice about making a decision about what to believe in. I haven’t done my proper research about it, but I think that I’m going to start now, I really feel that I need to come to a conclusion now. But who knows, the media can control a lot of information and if they were manipulating it, I won’t be practically surprised about it.
    I guess that at this point we don’t really know what’s true and what is not.

  7. oportosanto

    That is purely misinformation anorexorcist, misinformation with the goal of creating disbelief on people so that big companies can continue to pollute and to whatever they do that has caused and keeps causing these problems. How ignorant and selfish can they be!

  8. rz3300

    Well this is certainly some interesting news, but also a little unnerving when you think about how it was originally thought to take centuries to unfold. I am hoping that the technology just caught up or was better than assumed and not that the case of climate change is really that bad, but it is probably a mixture of both. I hope that is spurs some movement on the issue though, and it might just move to make some people start to take action. I guess we shall see, but thank you for sharing.

  9. Kavon

    It’s very obvious that such a degree of industrialization is going to have a negative effect on the ecology of the planet. Why is it so difficult for some people to understand this? Why are such claims about climate change being labeled a “conspiracy theory”? Corporations and government want things to continue the way they are, but the planet is being destroyed. Some people are hoping that the government can fix this via regulation, but the government is equally responsible for this mess.

  10. ashley0323

    This is pretty awesome. I have been wondering what exactly this looks like. It is a great site to see for sure. Very interesting. What kind of technology is used for this ?

  11. melanie

    I’m surprised that only now evidence is coming out showing the effect of climate change on cloud cover. Really interesting to see what research comes out in the following months on other factors involved in either climate change or cloud cover. Usually one discovery leads to other follow-up studies where something cool is discovered.

  12. Liz10

    So much Albedo loss! Between losing the reflective power of the clouds, the continual overabundance of CO2 emission into an atmosphere with a still slowly repairing ozone! My gosh, it’s just so much. The warming alone this lack of reflection does, and how much that heats up the ocean, ignoring the ice caps, what do people think happens to the fish in the ocean? That this has no effect on them? It’s such a wicked problem, so many little interdependencies.

  13. deanyd_17

    What was all this I was hearing a few weeks back about the hole in the ozone layer beginning to heal itself? Was that nothing? Meaningless or poor research? I know the researchers involved insisted that this meant we were on the right track, but far from out of the woods, especially if we start using new or old techniques that will reverse the positive steps that we have made.

  14. 17emilyhalko

    I think that it’s unfortunate that many do not want to admit that global warming and climate change exists. Maybe it doesn’t exist to them, I suppose, but it exists to me. It seems to me that many people would rather be in denial than to accept all of the evidence that climate change exists. I guess that they just see what they want to see…

  15. mkhl

    Studies have shown that there is a significant increase in Carbon Dioxide in our atmosphere and this results in less and less cloud mass. Clouds regularly absorbs and reflects a portion of the radiation by the sun. With less clouds, less radiation are reflected and absorbed which also increases our temperature. The future is really uncertain and I just hope something happens to help it.

  16. TheMoonHuntress

    I there is a need to differentiate natural climate – one that occurs on earth at particular intervals in time – and climate change induced by harmful human activities and man-made products. The abovementioned climate change belongs to the latter category. If the data above were any indicator, it has already reached unfortunate levels and the lack of cooperation from first world countries are making things worse.

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