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A New Genetic Memory for Our Species

Human babies are born with the innate ability to mimic the facial expressions of the people around them. Experiments were conducted with new born infants where the mother waved her tongue and the infant was able to duplicate the action.


The ability to mimic a facial expression is an example of a genetic memory with which we are born. In short, stuff we are born knowing how to do. If the knowledge of how to mimic facial expressions can be genetically imprinted in our brains, why not calculus or String Theory or The Constitution?

Our species has gone through eras where society, culture and/or knowledge have been lost in large catastrophes. Subsequently we had to start from scratch every time. What if people were simply born with all the knowledge they needed to live in our society? It would certainly safe guard our species from the next culture erasing catastrophe.

On a lighter note, perhaps people could be born with the latest and greatest education in ALL fields. Each human being an expert at Math, Engineering, The Humanities, Languages, Philosophy, you name it. This knowledge would become as basic to our species as the ability to regulate heart rate or breathing.

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What if Galaxies are Artificial Constructs?

I was recently reading about the Kardashev Scale. It’s a method of measuring a civilizations level of technological advancement. “A Type I civilization uses all available resources impinging on its home planet, Type II harnesses all the energy of its star (See Dyson Sphere), and Type III of its galaxy.” So let’s assume there have been Type III civilizations that have existed at some point within the billions of years the universe has been around. These civilizations would have the ability to move stars and interstellar matter on a scale we can barely comprehend.

On a recent episode of Through the Wormhole, physicist Michio Kaku, postulated that a wormhole could be created by arranging stars in to a tight orbit around each other. A wormhole could be a gateway in to another universe, a way for a species to escape our universe. Because ultimately our universe will come to an end. This eventuality represents a challenge to a long-lived, advanced species. In much the same way, our species faces the relatively short term challenge of relocating our entire population from this planet.  Our sun will destroy the earth in a few billion years, if not sooner.

Astronomers have found evidence of stars orbiting blackholes in the center of galaxies. See diagram below.


What if the billions of galaxies we see represent the constructs of billions of species who have reached Type III status?

Wormhole Factories?

Could galaxies be constructed wormhole factories?

Galaxies could be wormhole factories in the making, escape routes for advanced species. Our species, so far, could be the equivalent of microscopic mold growing on a damp floor, in a small room within a massive car factory; An incidental development in the grand scheme of things.

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Retro Causality

One of the more interesting concepts being discussed lately and making it’s way closer to main stream is Retro Causality. For the purposes here, it means the future can effect the past.

Some interpretations of Einsteins theory of relativity lead to the idea of the “Block Universe”. A universe where the past, the present and the future exist simultaneously. We simply live in the illusion that there is a direction to time…forward. See the diagrams below.

The Block Universe

Past, present and future exist simultaneously

The Block Universe Simplified

2D, 3D, 4D (Time)

Rather than flowing forward, different points in time are represented as different dimensions within the block. Like one amorphous loaf of bread, something that happens to one crumb within (say the growth of mold) effects the crumbs next to it, no matter the direction.

Some say the Global Consciousness Project at Princeton University may have evidence to support this theory. Apparently, information about the tragic 911 attacks was accessed by our collective unconscious before it occurred.